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TerraManta identifies and quantifies geo political drivers which impact commodity prices. By analyzing fundamental factors (supply / demand / inventory / distribution) and geo political drivers, TerraManta offers a quantum leap in commodities price intelligence and analytics for commodity traders, industry analysts, and procurement specialists.

TerraManta for Crude Oil

TerraManta analyzes news and data using machine learning technology to identify individual components which influence the price of commodities (beginning with crude oil): changes in global demand and supply forecasts (including country specific updates), conflicts, production rates (including seasonal adjustments), exploration activities, distribution, inventories, statements by oil industry executives and government officials, and financial market updates (including currency fluctuations). The software ingests publicly available news reports about geo politics, energy, commodities, financial, and other topics and combines the analysis of topics reported in the news with crude oil market fundamentals.


Easily see all global events, which may impact commodity prices on a spinning globe. Personalize events shown on the globe by applying one or more event category filters. Select event of interest and display details: region, event description, data source(s), likely impact on commodity prices.

Event Dashboard

Add event of interest to Dashboard, where each event can be tracked and subjected to deeper analysis and correlation with relevant news. Select an event being tracked. Perform deeper analysis: view related news, change in price of crude oil when related news event has been reported, show driver(s) exercising pressure on the price of oil.

Price Explorer

View price history of selected commodity benchmark. Easily navigate through the price history and examine news, which contributed to the price changes: statements by government officials and analysts, events (reported in the news) in different regions of the globe in multiple categories. Take a deeper look at news and events in a specific region where an important event has occurred.

Statements Explorer

Statements and comments made by energy ministers, government officials, or analysts can impact oil prices immediately. View comments by government officials, industry analysts, anyone reported by news media who expressed a view about commodities with or without a price forecast. Easily search for past comments to assess credibility.

Indicator Explorer

Select one or more countries and economic or crude oil-specific indicators – for selected country. Observe whether an indicator’s behavior over time had an impact on the price of crude oil.

Price Action Explorer

Analyzes past crude oil price movements and looks for similar factors: price curve characteristics, fundamentals, geo political events. Price movements are analyzed across multiple durations: 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, 3months, and 6 months.

  • News articles
    3.2 M+
  • Unique economic
    1.2 K+
  • Statements by
    analysts and officials
    127 K+
  • Unique drivers
    influencing oil prices
    20 K+
  • Data analyzed by
    TerraManta for Crude Oil


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